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Logistics partner

With over 600 employees, Stuwarooij has been a pre-eminent partner for logistics in the Netherlands for more than 30 years. Since our inception in 1989, our clients and our own personnel enjoy working with and for Stuwarooij on the work floor. Because working with us is satisfying and rewarding. And because Stuwarooij takes care of your concerns.

The name Stuwarooij says it all: stevedoring is in our blood. For us, this goes further than merely supporting companies with their logistics processes. We unburden you and your organisation. In other words: with Stuwarooij you can rest assured that your work will be completed correctly and quickly.

How? Simple. We provide a full range of services with each order. Carried out by a driven team of professional and enthusiastic permanent employees. Stuwarooij provides continuous on-site supervision and direction, by a foreman, employed by us, who works alongside your other employees. Which makes it twice as efficient.

This enables you to keep a 'grip on your logistics' and focus on your core business with peace of mind. Because you know that your business processes run as they should: seamlessly integrated with our people. While productivity and quality of your logistics processes are optimal. We refer to this as unburdening logistics.

Are you seeking a unique logistics solution from Stuwarooij? We are happy to visit you to see what we can do for you in the following areas:

Unique working method

As a company, we at Stuwarooij believe in management based on motivation and stimulation. Because work is more than just work. Work is gainful and meaningful, and ideally, also enjoyable. At Stuwarooij, we take care of that. Day in, day out. For our clients and for our own employees.

Our project managers visit their clients every week to discuss the work completed, to positively motivate our employees and by doing so optimise productivity and quality. Because satisfied people are what works.

Important notices and regulations are translated and clearly communicated by our company where necessary. If diplomas are required for the performance of the work, we select our employees on this basis or have them obtain the required diploma. This is completed at our expense. We also guarantee that we, and our personnel, are ready to serve you at all times.

Stuwarooij's unique working method is engaging. Employees and customers have been entrusting us with their loyalty for over 30 years. This is evidenced by the fact that our workforce of over 600 employees and customer base of large and renowned regular Stuwarooij clients has remained virtually unchanged. In other words: once Stuwarooij, always Stuwarooij.

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Our advisers

Stuwarooij is also discerning with regard to its advisers. In our industry, where the reliability and credibility of providers is subject to regular debate, Stuwarooij attaches great value to the advice of proven partners such as Loyens & Loeff (tax advice) and Boontje Advocaten.

The latest guidelines from the Dutch Inland Revenue, UWV and SZW, with whom Stuwarooij has regular contact, are also followed. As a result, new laws and regulations can be implemented directly in our policy.

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Our guarantees

The sector has its own unique and unprecedented company collective labour agreement. This CLA forms the written confirmation of the way in which Stuwarooij has been operating for over 30 years and is intended to provide employees with clarity and security.

It is only when employees are unburdened that they, in turn, can unburden the customer. This transparency and openness also generate company pride. Employees will do their utmost to exceed customer expectations again and again. This is because each and every one of them is an ambassador for Stuwarooij.

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