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Loading and unloading

Loading and unloadingLoading and unloadingLoading and unloadingLoading and unloading

Not all containers are similar. We know this. By gaining more knowledge of the content beforehand, we can determine exactly how many employees are needed for the job. This not only takes place quickly, but also efficiently and advantageously at a fixed price per unit.

After 30 years of logistics services, Stuwarooij knows the importance of correctly treated cargo. It is all about your products. We handle them as if they are our own, but with the agreed upon productivity and quality as output.

Our people work in their own teams, managed daily on-site by a working foreman and weekly by our own account manager. This ensures that your loading platforms are always cleared quickly and work can continue.

We constantly deploy our teams to different locations with ever-varying work. This ensures that our people stay fresh, alert and motivated for every new job. Even when it is hard or less clean.