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Loading and Unloading

Not all containers are alike. We know that. By delving into the contents in advance, we can determine exactly how many employees can get the job done. This is completed quickly, but also safely, efficiently and inexpensively, at the agreed unit price.

After more than 30 years of logistics services, Stuwarooij knows the importance of a correctly handled cargo. Everything revolves around your products. We treat them as if they were our own. But with the agreed productivity and quality as output.

Our people work in their own teams, managed on site daily by a collaborating foreman and weekly by our own project managers. This ensures that your loading bays are always empty quickly and work can continue.

We always deploy our teams to different locations, with constantly changing work. That way our people always stay fresh, alert and motivated, for every new job. Even if it is unusually heavy or less clean.

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Order picking

Order picking is a profession that is developing rapidly, and becoming increasingly high-tech. Our people work optimally with the latest tools through ongoing training, guidance and additional training. From 'voice picking' to 'pick to light'.

Whether it concerns order picking, returned goods or packaging: we provide tailor-made services. With guaranteed, optimal productivity and a minimum of packing errors, all at clear, pre-agreed rates.

Thanks to our unique working method, Stuwarooij can, if desired, take over the work of an entire department or even your entire logistics process. We ensure that our trained teams get the job done, managed by a foreman who just cooperates.

No matter how complex your production process is, our end goal is always simple: every box filled with the right items, every pallet filled with the right boxes and every container or truck filled with the right load. That is unburdening logistics according to Stuwarooij.

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Forklift work

Driving a forklift is very specific work. With Stuwarooij you get the exact specialist service that the job requires. Always with the right drivers: carefully selected, qualified, certified and experienced.

Before we start our forklift services, we first take a look at the workplace. What kind of work is it? Which products need to be transported? Will a forklift, reach truck or stacker be used? This ensures that you get the exact service you are looking for.

Our forklift truck services usually extend for a longer period. Once we have started working for you, we can also deploy our people for other activities. If work stagnates, we ensure that our drivers roll up their sleeves and get things done smoothly.

Our forklift drivers, like all our employees, are also permanently employed by us. This allows us to manage them directly, according to your exact requirements. But without you having to worry about it. After all, as our customer we unburden you.

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Gas analysis

Containers can contain dangerous gases. For example, through the use of pesticides against vermin, but also through evaporation of the products or packaging materials. These gases are often invisible and odourless.

Because the safety of your and our employees is paramount, Stuwarooij employs its own experienced gas analysts. These experts can be deployed on request for high-quality (random) gas measurement to your location. As your logistics partner, Stuwarooij also offers other specialised services in the field of fumigated containers. For example, we are happy to help you draw up a risk protocol for handling hazardous containers.

Stuwarooij closely follows the laws and regulations regarding fumigated containers. Our employees receive regular training, so that they are always aware of the latest trends and developments. This ensures the utmost safety.
Our gas analysts are VCA certified.

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Production and packaging work

Your process, our service. Works smoothly, without you having to worry about it. Thanks to our success formula: a permanent team of our own employees, managed daily by our own foreman and weekly by our own project manager.

Imagine that your packing work malfunctions.  Stuwarooij will get the process moving again where necessary in no time. Whether it concerns part of a department or even your entire logistics process, your production will quickly be running as it should. Without you having to worry about it.

And it stays that way with our services. Because we fill the missing links in your production chain, while maintaining the quality and productivity you want: reliable, flexible and at a pre-agreed rate, without surcharges afterwards.

You fit us in wherever you want. At your own location or externally. Once the assignment has been completed, we leave. No unnecessary personnel costs, no redundant personnel. And we'll be right back when you need us again. With the same optimal result.

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Full logistics process

Our clients use us in countless areas within their companies. From production in the packing department to forklift work and loading and unloading containers. The ultimate proof of our all-round employability, for any form of logistical support.

Our success formula is simple. We unburden. We take all the work off the client's hands, including management and supervision. With permanent teams of motivated employees, managed by our own foremen and project managers who work alongside you.

We take care of your logistics. We make sure that everything runs smoothly. And we do it well too. Without you having to worry about a thing. Whether it concerns a few loose links in your production, or even your entire logistics process, Stuwarooij takes care of it.

Are you curious about how your company can benefit from Stuwarooij's unburdening logistics? With optimal quality and productivity in your processes. Then contact us without any obligation. We are happy to unburden you.

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