Working at Stuwarooij

Who are we?
Stuwarooij has been active in logistics since 1989. More than 600 colleagues work for over 150 clients every day. Loading and unloading, forklift work, packing work, storage and transhipment, order picking and production work (basically: any kind of work related to transport and logistics).

Good employment practices
In 2007 our director, Bertie van Rooij, received the 'Boss of the Year' award. He was (and is) very proud of this, because he always tries his best to be a collegial, approachable and socially aware employer. Every year we celebrate many anniversaries of people who have been with us for 5, 10, 12.5 or 20 years. As a company you will never succeed if you do not have a warm, pleasant working environment. 

At Stuwarooij we do not believe that diplomas or extensive CVs have the final say. Are you willing to roll up your sleeves? Do you treat our customers' goods just as carefully as your own? Do you treat your colleagues and customers with respect? Do you stick to agreements? Do you input ideas when a problem needs to be solved? Then you can build a very good career with us. 

At Stuwarooij we like having employees who know how to take action, who are motivated and who understand what it means to work for a service company. 

On this site you have seen what we do as a company. Are you interested in a job at Stuwarooij? Register today; it may just be that you can start soon! If the vacancy you are looking for is not listed and you are interested in working for us, please send an open application to We will then contact you quickly to discuss whether there are possibilities to work with us.

What do we offer?

We offer you a permanent contract. You will therefore be employed by Stuwarooij. As an employee, this gives you a lot of certainty and clarity. You know exactly how much you will work and earn; you are insured; your contributions are paid properly. In short, you know where you stand. Especially when you consider that we were one of the first in our industry to have our own collective labour agreement (CLA). It describes exactly what rights and obligations the employer and employee have in relation to each other.

The company CLA and the additional StuwaRegulations (containing all company rules) are available from the Human Resources (HR) department. 

Do you have any questions, comments or points for improvement? Then you can always contact Human Resources Department.

Do you have questions for the trade union or are you considering membership?
Henry Stroek and Wiesia Koreneef are from CNV Vakmensen, Henry can be reached at 06-22452195 and Wiesia on 06-55780088.


  • An excellent working environment
  • Good salary and bonus scheme
  • Growth opportunities within our company
  • Good employment conditions
  • Possibility of a company car

What do we expect?

  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Customer focus
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty 


Personal attention
Sometimes things can go wrong. In your relationship, at home, with your personal finances. Talking helps! Contact HR and make an appointment for a personal meeting. Nobody else needs to know about it - and your HR colleague will undoubtedly be able to help you further.

We can try to help people who are in financial difficulty. If we do not succeed, we have good contacts with personal budgeting professionals who can help you further. In any case, we ensure that you come into contact with the right person. It also goes without saying that we treat your information confidentially. Talking also helps here too!

We assist foreign employees with the administration that is part of working in the Netherlands. From Citizen Service Number (BSN) to opening a bank account, your registration with the municipality, your registration with a health insurer and a visit to a general practitioner, dentist and everything else you need as a new Dutch citizen.

We also help Dutch employees who get lost in the Dutch bureaucracy to get back on the right track. We want to address as many concerns as possible where we can. After all, if you are not comfortable in your own skin, you are not at your best in your environment.

When Bertie van Rooij became 'Boss of the Year', it was also because the employees found the working atmosphere so pleasant. That is something we continue to work hard on together. We organise staff meetings where conviviality is central, we obviously keep you informed via our information boards and you have regular contact with your project manager for questions. It is not without reason that we say, 'Happy going to work every day'!


For our foreign colleagues we have clean accommodation throughout the Netherlands where they can stay safely and comfortably. Spacious buildings, cosy, with plenty of opportunities to relax. Our cleaning teams, painters and handyman teams ensure that the buildings and communal areas always remain clean and tidy. However, we do expect you to keep your own room clean and tidy. All our buildings meet the legal obligations and requirements set by the fire service. And the neighbours have no reason to complain; Stuwarooij employees behave very politely. 

In an emergency, our interpreter is available 24/7.


Stuwarooij has a large vehicle fleet. All maintained to perfection with all occupants insured. For those in possession of a driving license, the employer can decide to make a company car available.

Always keep in mind that everyone can see your employer on your car. Inconsiderate traffic behaviour has a negative effect on Stuwarooij and on all of us. Getting a company car means that we count on you to drive it responsibly. 

Employees who have a 'permanent' company car receive a fuel card. They drive private kilometres at their own cost, and they keep a precise record of business kilometres. The tax authorities make this mandatory. And so do we.

For all the rules that apply to the use of a company car, please refer to the flyer in the blue folder in the company car.

Internship opportunities

Stuwadoorsbedrijf van Rooij is an ECABO recognised training company and annually supervises both MBO and HBO trainees and graduates in the commercial, financial and HR fields. Are you interested in an internship within our company? Then contact the human resources department.

Growth opportunities

If you have a heart for the business and you know how to get things done, you can build a very good career within Stuwarooij. You wouldn't be the first to start at the bottom of the ladder and eventually move on to a managerial position. 

Take Moes van Rooij, our Operational Manager. He has been working here since 1991 and started in the containers. On his first day, he was picked up at six in the morning to work for Stuwarooij at the Chips factory in Veghel.

He drove a forklift truck and used it to move thousands of kilos of Nibbits, Wokkels, Borrelnoot and pepper chips. It turned out to be the start of a 'dream job within a top company'. Now Moes van Rooij (not related to the boss, by the way) does not want to go a day without it. He has long since exchanged his forklift for an office job. In fact, he is Operational Manager, and has final responsibility for all loaders/unloaders and order pickers. Once again, this indicates the career opportunities within our organisation.

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