Loading and unloading?

As if it were our own property

Loader/unloader – Stuwarooij

"From plush bears to PCs, from chicken manure to bottles of wine. Bales, boxes or pallets. From 500 to 10,000 packages. Together with my colleagues, I load and unload every cargo quickly and efficiently, but above all correctly. Before I approach a box, I always enquire about the contents. Because that determines the right approach. Approach, with an awareness of the contents. As if it were our own property."

Order picking

Even more control over logistics

Order picker – Stuwarooij

"We know exactly how to deal with a modern warehouse. We are familiar with mechanisation, automation and robotisation. We are happy to assist you with a flexible deployment of skilled personnel. People who know how to tackle things and who act with understanding. People who fit seamlessly into your production process, so that productivity, quality and continuity are guaranteed."

Lifted with care...

Driven and flexible

Forklift driver – Stuwarooij

"Driving a forklift is highly specific work. Not everyone can and may. I have a diploma and am motivated and skilled in handling powerful and manoeuvrable equipment such as a forklift. I have years of experience and the necessary kilometres on the clock. Sometimes work at customers can slow down. Together with my colleagues, I roll up my sleeves to get work moving again. That makes my job challenging and fun."

Our succes formula is simple

Stuwarooij unburdens you

Logistics manager – Works with Stuwarooij since 2001

"Stuwarooij helps us in the total logistics process and is an extremely reliable and permanent partner. Stuwarooij takes the work and worry off our hands. Thanks to its specific total solution, Stuwarooij ensures that the work is done without us having to worry about it."

In the workplace

Getting down to work seamlessly

Foreman – Stuwarooij

"As a foreman, I have an enormously varied and responsible job. On behalf of Stuwarooij, I am the person responsible on the work floor. I am also the point of contact for the customer, I manage our people and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations.”

Our gas analysts

are VCA certified

Gas analyst – Stuwarooij

"We are a highly motivated team. We specialise in measuring and degassing containers and providing support for all issues related to this topic, from production to the warehouse. Measuring is not only our job, but also our passion!"

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