Our history since 1989

Stuwadoorsbedrijf van Rooij B.V., better known as Stuwarooij, has been a trusted, valued and stable partner of many large and small companies throughout the Netherlands since 1989. With our many permanent employees, we have been providing total solutions for every logistics issue for more than 30 years, without any 'unpleasant' surprises afterwards. From loading and unloading to order picking, from production work to forklift work, or taking the entire logistics process off your hands.

We deliver custom work, taken care of down to the last detail. Unburdening is central to this. For the client, but also for our employees. Because this ensures that they go that extra mile. There is a good reason that our motto is: Your grip on logistics.


At Stuwarooij, commitment to our own employees is of paramount importance. That how it should be. And it works. Our people are justifiably proud of their company, for which chief Bertie van Rooij won the prestigious title 'Boss of the Year' in 2007. A trophy that you do not simply receive as an employer.

We ensure that our employees feel at home at Stuwarooij, a family business where the family feeling reaches right into the heart. Instead of feeling like a number, each and every one of our people is a valued member of the Stuwarooij family. And we notice that: people always go that extra mile for family.

The commitment to our people is also present outside the workplace, even when things go wrong. We try to help with financial problems. Together with the employee we look for a solution or we put the employee in contact with professionals to put their finances back in order. The employee is back on the work floor without concerns, and his output also improves. Everyone is happy.

Stuwarooij goes through the fire for its people, and the Stuwarooij employees. Everyone wins. Because if we ensure that our employees feel good, they get the best out of themselves. Good for them, good for us and good for our customers.

'Happy going to work every day', the motto of our personnel policy, is more than a slogan. It is an approach that has been proven to work. Because satisfied employees mean satisfied customers. It's that simple: we unburden our customers with and through worry-free employees. Success guaranteed. And it feels good too.

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